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Clarke from Berridale Vic. in 2014. With a great effort by Peter and the support of AAK it was completed in 2015 and going through its test flight period at Taree NSW. The MK1 wing was modified to fly with a new AAK leading edge section & extended wings span, hence eliminating the original SLATS.

A very brisk and short T/O run of 35m and a climb rate of 2000ft/m @ 57ktn at minimum aircraft weight makes this Hornet feel more like a Rocket than a fixed wing aircraft. The ground stays behind literally. The research and development was worth while, the engine has a nice feel to it with a well balanced linear torque / power curve. Fitted with a 78 inch 3 XL blade Power Fin propeller to get the power converted into Thrust.

Peter’s Hornet is otherwise still in the original MK1 configuration with a 8 inch tail wheel and standard size Flaperons. The large propeller still has lots of ground clearance with the original spring undercarriage mounted and running on AERO CLASSIC SMOOTH TUNDRA 850-6 , 4 PLY only tires. Stall speed is 32ktn, best climb @ MTOW (600kg) 1600ft/min at 55ktn. Cruise 75ktn, maneuvering speed 45-65ktn. Approach 45-50ktn.

The power plant is a Rotax 912 Turbo Engine 130hp built by AAK. The Base engine is a 912S ( 80hp) with many AAK changes to it. An integrated after cooler to keep the boost-air cooler and some extras here and there make this Engine unit a rather appealing alternative for high density altitude flying or just the pure Super Short takeoff – thrust. We wish Peter lots of interesting flights and heaps of fun. Thanks Peter