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Hornet Cub

Hornet Cub

Hornet Cub

Hornet Cub

Hornet Cub

Full Flap Stall (kts)

Cruise Speed (kts)

MTOW (kg)

Empty Weight (kg)

The HORNET CUB was especially designed for stock and mustering work on outback stations and is in any way as well designed and built as it’s ”bigger brother”, the HORNET STOL. The main difference between these two aircraft is that the HORNET CUB is lighter than the HORNET STOL and more economically to build- the trade off is in loosing space for side by side seating or cargo.

The cargo area also doubles as a second seat (jump seat). Even though the cabin is slightly slimmer, the HORNET CUB still has a very roomy feel to it. The access doors are large sliding doors.

The overall design is slightly different, one can think of a streamlined, no frills version of the HORNET STOL. That does not mean it is a second-rate performer, in the contrary – the HORNET CUB is a very agile and lively airplane.

One major key point in the HORNET CUB’s design was to make sure to give the pilot unsurpassed visibility all around from the cockpit.

The firewall forward kits are available for the Hornet CUB / STOL are designed around the Rotax 912S 100 hp and 914 Turbo 115hp and the upcoming 915 Turbo 135hp.

The Hornet Kits are compliant with:

  • Australian CASA / RAA AC 21-10(2.1) experimental / armature build categories meeting the 49/51% ruling and are structurally designed to comply with FAR 23 requirements.
  • USA FAA experimental / armature build categories meeting the 49/51% ruling and are structurally designed to comply with FAR 23 requirements.
  • UK CAA, CAP 1220 and LAA ruling TL1.07 & TL1.08 and are structurally designed to comply with FAR 23 requirements.

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Hornet Cub

  • Safe, versatile and easy to fly utility light aircraft
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs on airframe and all systems
  • Local manufacturer, providing parts and services
  • Can be piloted by RAA or GA –VH license holder
  • Superior service, fast and reliable technical support Australia wide.
  • Agile performing aircraft with 100 hp – 150hp motorization
  • Crisp and delightful easy controls for long hours in the cockpit
  • Roomy two seat side by side (or tandem) cockpit with outstanding visibility and ergonomics
  • Docile and forgiving flight handling matched with highly responsive and effective controls ideal for mustering operations and property management
  • Excellent S T O L performance
  • Extra large cargo area with access door
  • Integrated chrome-molly steel cage for strength and safety
  • Airframe and controls designed for minimum maintenance requirements
  • Full metal airframe using certified materials acquired and manufactured in Australia
  • Rugged undercarriage for operation from rough terrain with wheel sizes available from 8”x 6”standard up to 29” x 6” low pressure with heavy- duty brakes systems (snow skis also available)
  • Removable doors, for flying in hot conditions
  • Hard points for external cargo, wings and fuselage (see pictures)
  • External and internal long range tanks (see specifications).
  • Additional equipment seeder tanks & spreaders, fence-post carrier compartments, auxiliary refueling pump systems, mustering sirens and wailers, GPS tracking, Helmets and safety gear etc. are also available.
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Hornet Cub

  • Rotax 912 ULS
  • Top Speed (TAS at sea level) With Trailing Link U/C & 8.50 x 6.00 tires 85 kts
  • Cruise Speed (TAS) 75% power at 5,000 ft. 80 kts.
  • Stall Speed (at max. gross)
  • No flaps (Vs) 34 kts.
  • Full flaps (Vso) 29 kts.
  • Rate of Climb
  • Solo 1200 f.p.m.
  • Max. gross 900 f.p.m.
  • Range (at 75% power)*** ( 127 litres fuel)
  • Range Standard Fuel excl. VFR Reserve nm 470+ nm
  • Fuel Consumption (at 75% power) +/- 4 20 l/ph
  • Service Ceiling (estimated) 14500 ft.
  • Take off Distance (Clear 50’ obstacle)
  • Solo 70 m
  • MTOW 130 m
  • Landing Distance (Clear 50’ obstacle)
  • Solo 70 m
  • MTOW 130 m

Hornet Cub

  • Fuselage Length
  • Rotax 912 ULS engine (rigged for flight) 6.5 m
  • Wing Data
  • Wing Span Rigged for flight 8.72m
  • Area 12.2 sq.m
  • Wing loading (at max. gross) 49.2 kg/sq.m
  • Structural limit loads (at max. gross) + 6 /-3 Gs
  • Maximum Height
  • Taildragger 2.4 m
  • Undercarriage
  • Width of wheel track Measured from centre of wheels 1.9 m
  • Cabin Dimensions
  • Width (at hips) 73 cm
  • Width (at shoulders) 78 cm
  • Door width 83 cm
  • Door height 85 cm
  • Baggage space / Rear passenger area 0.85 cu/m
  • Rear door width 75 cm
  • Rear door height 75 cm
  • Weights
  • Maximum gross weight (on wheels) RAA Aus LSA Limits 600 kg
  • Empty weight 340 kg
  • Useful load 260 kg
  • Standard Main Wheel 8.50 x 6.00 with 11”Bush Tail Wheel
  • Full fuel payload 2X60L+7L 91.4 kg
  • Maximum baggage capacity (single pilot) 100 kg
  • Fuel Capacity (usable)
  • Standard 60 lt tanks 60 / 60 ltrs

Pricing Details

All aircraft or kits can be shipped worldwide on request. Shipping to West Coast USA for a plane cost $3500 AUD. Shipping for a kit to West Coast USA costs $1800 AUD. 10% GST applies to all sales within Australia. GST does not apply to exports.

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